Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Global Harmony Project- GIIS, MALAYSIA


Theatre training at GIIS

The Jumping JellyBeans has been sharing their theatre training programme with the students from GIIS since September last year. In March 07 we started preparations for the global event planned by Global Indian International Schools which was held in Singapore on 20th Oct 2007 at the Kallang Indoor Stadium.

With “Global Harmony” as the theme given, JJB with the students created a performance and it is designed as a community theatre outreach programme. We felt doing a community outreach project would best portray the convention’s theme of “Global Harmony”.

Eleven students performed in three outreach interventions-
1. Kampung Ang Seng,
2. Central Market
3. DBKL quarters in Sentul- Sri Perak.

A STREET PARADE with some students on stilts and on the ground did ‘performances’ of their improvisation work with text on what global harmony means to them. These interventions were video documented.

The performance is an original piece created by the students under the guidance of the JJB. Improvisation work combined with research on the different communities is highlighted in the performance.


• To create awareness of the different communities in the neighbourhood
• To stimulate interaction within the school and its surroundings
• To generate interest in the students on the theme Global Harmony
• To introduce different forms of performing arts to the students

The performance was conceptualised and directed by The Jumping JellyBeans Sdn Bhd
- Cinzia Ciaramicoli and Shanthini Venugopal

The students performing:
1. Daweena Tia Motwany- 5A
2. CJ Hariharan Menon- 5B
3. Visvar Kasirajah- 6B
4. Vimal Shankar- 6B
5. Karunaakara Visaagan Parameswaran- 7A
6. Shruti Rengarajan - 8A
7. Sujhan Shankar- 8A
8. Ashereen Jessy Kanesan- 9A
9. Thushaara Ganesan- 9A
10. Poorna Laxmi Selvaraja- 9A
11. Alessandra Shunmugam- 9A

JJB would like to thank the school and the parents of the students performing for their support, encouragement and patience.

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DBKL Flats, Sentul

DBKL Sri Perak flats

DBKL Flats- Sri Perak